On June 10, we open the doors to Vegomässan, and we promise a fair like no other! A whole day when veganism is in focus, with everything from a diverse mix of exhibitors and interesting lectures to veg food in large quantities. This year, we reside at the beautiful Nacka Strand Fair, and one of the news this year is the presence of several amazing food vendors at the fair!

More and more people are choosing veg for the animals, the climate and for health reasons. Vegomässan´s concept is simple; to collect the most companies and organizations selling veg products or working with vegrelated issues under one roof for one day. This way, you can take part in a unique and unbeatable range of veg everything at the same time. The fair holds something for everyone whether you are already vego or curious about a greener lifestyle and in search for inspiration.

Proud organizer is the organization Djurrättsalliansen (Animal Rights Alliance). The fair has become a very popular, well-known event for all vegetarians, vegans and curious omnivores in the country. The previous fair in December last year was a success which struck a visitor record with 4400 visitors in a single day. Do not miss this year’s biggest veg event on Saturday June 10 at 10-18. Save the date now and we’ll see you on Saturday, June 10!

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To buy tickets, please go to: www.billetto.se/vegomassan2017

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